• Gas Grill, Towable Roaster

Gas Grill,Towable Roaster 

Big John Pig Roaster With Trailer

  • Let an E-Z Way Roast a 300 lb. pig or smoke chicken or ribs for your next large party!
  • Natural convection circulates heat, reducing roasting time and eliminating the need to turn the meat.
  • Gas control valve is equipped with pilot assembly and thermocouple for safety.
  • Cooking Chart
    300 lb. Pig 9-12 hours
    200 lb. Pig 7-9 hours
  • EASY TO USE: At your next pig roast, let an E-Z Way Roaster do all the work. You simply open the hood, place a pig inside, fill the smoking trough with wood chips, start the fuel-efficient 80,000 Btu gas burner and walk away. Come back hours later to enjoy a delicious pig pickin' party. The entire process of preparing a moist, tender, flavorful pig roast is that easy.
  • ROASTS SLOWLY: The E-Z Way Roaster is not a grill. It has been designed as a slow roasting smoker. The 80,000 Btu gas burner and refillable wood trough combine the efficiency of a gas fire with the flavor of an authentic wood burning smoker. Our patented hood design traps in heat, moisture and flavor while creating a natural convection. For optimal flavor, we recommend using mesquite, hickory, apple, cherry or pecan chips during the first few hours of the cooking cycle.
  • BUILT TOUGH: The smoker body is manufactured from 12 gauge steel and uses heavy duty running gear with 4.8" x 12" tires. Inside the unit, a large removable stainless steel cooking pan and 24" x 60" double nickel rack provide an easy cleaning, sanitary cooking surface that completely eliminates the possibility of flare-ups while the natural heat circulation inside the unit surrounds the meat for even browning and cooking.

Gas Grill, Towable Roaster

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