The Process

Our Comprehensive Process For Creating Successful Meetings & Events

  1. After an initial contact we will meet with you to learn about you and your organization, and your thoughts on the event at hand. This allows us to understand your needs and desires, and design the proper solution(s).
  2. We answer any questions you may have (i.e., theme ideas, servicing/personnel needs, or general/specific questions on venues, etc.)
  3. We will take this information back to our office and prepare a written review of our meeting, then begin the outline of a design of your successful event.
  4. The second meeting allows us to confirm and hone our ideas together, then present our recommendations.
  5. Once the overall design and project is in place, we begin the hard work…your work is generally done. From there we’ll contract all the suppliers, coordinate all pre-event meetings, supervise set up and do final confirmations on every detail.
  6. On the day of the event, we’re there to make sure that everything runs as planned. You only need to show up and enjoy. We staff the event with personnel that are in radio contact with one another, and coordinate all aspects.
  7. When the event has ended, we do the clean up. You and your staff can rest assured, with the knowledge that professionals will complete any outstanding items. We’ll also pay the suppliers, and take care of the venue.
  8. Together we have a follow up meeting, and complete a post event analysis. This is a great way to plan for the next year’s event.