• Dance Floor 3x3 Oak

Dance Floor 3'x3' Oak



Sico America - Original Portable Floor

  • Each 3' x 3' section of Visi Trim provides a modest 11-degree slope and a broad 5" width allowing for easy access to every floor.
  • The unique helicoil insert protects and secures the set screw allowing for longer locking mechanism lifespan.
  • All panels ate the same size (3' x 3') allowing for easier and faster assembly,
  • The Sico Original Dance Floor is used by more hotels, clubs and convention centers than any other portable dance floor on the market.
  • 100% floor contact eliminates the flexing of panels and parquet from coming loose.
  • High-grade parafin wax clearcoat finish on the back of each panel aids in resisting moisture penetration.
  • Panels are joind together by utilizing a tongue-and-groove T-6 aluminum feature strip that protects the wood edges of each panel.

Dance Floor 3x3 Oak

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