• Charcoal,Grill & Rotisserie2'x5'Combination

Old Fashioned open pit BBQ grilling and authentic rotisserie cooking in one versatile unit.

Perfect for slow roasting pig, lamb, goat, venison, steamship rounds and turkey.

Charcoal Rotisseries are now available in 1000ºF Black Powder Coat Finish.

  • Stainless Steel Hardware: Our rotisseries use stainless steel hardware to hold the meat securely in place. We machine this hardware from high quality, type 304 stainless steel because it is durable, easy to clean, sanitary and will not rust.
  • Heat Control: Adjustable height end mounts can be raised and lowered in 1 inch increments from 13" to 24" for precise heat control. These end mounts support the spit's entire width and isolate the motor from damaging loads. Easy Operation: Powerful 1/20 hp. electric motor and reliable chain drive easily turns up to 125 lb. roasts at 6 rpm, the perfect speed for self-basting. Nobody builds rotisseries like Big John - insist on using the best! Some manufacturers use simple, direct-drive rotisseries which can overheat the motor by placing a heavy load on the gearbox bearings. NOT US! Big John's M-251 and M-35 rotisseries utilize a reliable chain drive that places the spits' entire weight onto two frame end mounts. This isolates the motor from these damaging loads allowing it to provide years of reliable and dependable service.


Charcoal,Grill & Rotisserie2'x5'Combination

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